Morphle is focused on creating disruptive solutions in screening & diagnostic imaging in pathology

Big Picture

More than 97% of microscopy is still analog compared to similar disciplines like radiology
More than 2M new cancer cases  expected in 2021
More than 90% drug research companies lack ideal digital microscopy support
More than 80% world population lacks adequately specialized pathologist consultations
More than 0.7 million deaths due to cancer projected in 2021
7 days
Turn around times of cancer diagnosis are higher than 7 days due to lack of locally available tools & expert availability

Who we are?

Morphle is an innovative ISO13485 certified medical device company
that seeks to create Healthcare Access using principles of Design Thinking

A Full Stack Approach

We believe in building full-stack solutions that combine hardware, software & data science. Thus, our comprehensive solutions end up delivering deep value for our users.

Quality x Robustness

We believe in delivering highest quality at an affordable price point. Quality coupled with high robustness of hardware is our key focus enabling continued support with reliability across geographies.

We are backed by marquee angels and health-focused investors

Exceptional strategists, disruptive thinkers and technology enthusiasts back
our research and innovation, with a vision to revolutionize digital pathology and make
it accessible to everyone on the planet.

We are Global

1,000,000+ slides reported
on Morphle scanners as of today!
Join the digital pathology revolution!

Our Users