Concerned if Digital Pathology fits into your workflow?

With our 60-day risk-free return policy, we make it easy for you to decide.

What does this risk-free return mean for you? 

It helps you make an informed decision about purchasing your whole slide scanner, and trying out one for leveling up patient care. That means that your upgrade to Digital Pathology has no downside!

You also get time for the analysis phase of CLIA and/or run through CAP accreditation checklists while you find a match for your lab in our portfolio.

Our return policy is risk-free for two reasons:

1. You pay only 50% of the pathology slide scanner’s price when it is shipped to you.

2. More importantly, you can return your slide scanner to us any time within the extended 60-day trial & support period to get a full refund on your payment.

Once you receive your scanner, you have our complete support through the 60-day trial period as you deploy and integrate it into your ecosystem. This trial phase is designed to help you thoroughly familiarize yourself with Morphle Digital Pathology and experience all our product features first-hand so you can make an informed decision. 

Once you are sure the scanner is a good fit in your ecosystem, you can pay the remaining 50% to complete your purchase. 

If you find that the scanner does not work within your system as expected, you can choose to opt for another model, or, a refund any time within the 60-day trial period. 

‍How does the order and return process work?

We help you pick the right slide scanner for your needs and ship it to you right after we receive the first 50% of the payment and the shipping fee for the order. We work with the best shipping agents to ensure timely delivery of your order.

To request a quote, click here.

After you receive the order, you have 60 days to explore our scanner, its features, and its fit with your system. You can pay the remaining 50% of the payment by the end of the trial period to complete your purchase. 

In the unlikely case that you find that the Morphle scanner does not work for you, you can send the scanner back in its original packaging, including all accessories, and get a refund on your payment. 

Once we receive your returned order and ensure that there are no damages or missing parts, we will notify you of the approval, and process the payment to your credit card or original method of payment within two weeks.

Why do we offer a risk-free return?

With the goal to be your perfect Digital Pathology partner, we would like to take a bold step. We offer you to judge our product experience over an extended period of 60 days. Old habits die hard, and we know that you won't let anyone snatch the device away after 8 weeks

We do this so you can best assess and understand how our digital pathology solutions fit into your workflow.

Making digital pathology for YOU

While we work very hard to ensure you get all the information and support you need to make the right choice before your purchase, we are committed to making sure our products work for you in your unique settings. Our 60-day trial is designed to put you at ease while you make the right choice for your institution.

Our values

At Morphle, we are building a customer-first company built on trust and loyalty with a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. 


We understand the critical nature of the diagnostics business and are committed to building trusted and long-term relationships with our clients.


We understand the critical nature of the diagnostics business and are committed to building trusted and long-term relationships with our clients. 

Commitment to improvement

In the quest to constantly innovate on our products, honest and critical feedback goes a long way to help us understand challenges in the field and work on innovative solutions to serve the market better. 

We’re proud to say that thanks to our product, focus on easy deployment, and commitment to customer success, we are yet to see a customer make use of our return policy.