High throughput

Continuum - 48 slide scanner

Scanning workflow
How to scan a glass slide?
Online slide viewer
How to tele-report & more?
Technical Specifications
Primary Scanning Objective
40X Plan Achromat - 0.65 NA
Robotic objective switcher
[ optional ]
3 objective turret
Secondary Scanning Objective
[ optional ]
20X Plan Apo - 0.75 NA
Scan preview mode
[ thumbnail generation ]
Overhead broad-view camera
Scanning Speed at 40X
5.5 mins for 15x15mm area
Scanning mode
Predictive scanning algorithms based on automated focal plane mapping
Scanning Speed at 20X
2.5 mins for 15x15mm area
Types of slide handled
1. HE & IHC stained tissue sections
2. Pap smears
3. FNAC cytology smears
Slide capacity
Scanner Size
W x D x H (cm)
50 x 55 x 45
Slide dimensions
W x D x H (mm)
25cm x 75cm x
36 Kg

Technical edge

Pre-analytic agnostic robust scan quality
Our unique predictive scanning algorithms handle non-standardized pre-analytical defects
like uneven cut tissue sections, dpx bubbles, projecting out cover-slips & more
Small data size
Our unique lossless compression scan file format yields best in the industry scan size of 100 Mbs for 20X scans & 350 Mbs for 40X scans
100% remote calibration & support
We have perfected the remote calibration workflows to ensure operational excellence.
We have observed 99% uptime and 30 min  issue resolution time
Ultra-fast web based viewer
Integrated cloud storage
Share a link & open in a web browser to start viewing (no download needed)
Progressive image download ensuring ultra-fast image loading over cellular internet
Integrated Image analysis tools
Annotations & multi-user chat
Smart measurement tools
IHC quantification & cell counting applications

1,000,000+ slides reported
on Morphle scanners as of today!

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