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0% slide reject rate for  slide preparation defects like uneven cut tissue sections, DPX bubbles, projecting out cover slips & more
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Starting at $20,000 Morphle scanners deliver image quality & speed comparable to other microscope scanners 5X the cost
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Compact 0.1 to 0.5 Gb file size with special lossless compression

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Cross-border Remote Microscopy

Morphle’s tele-pathology setup has huge potential to improve access to diagnostic services for underserved geographies. It has helped me deliver quality pathology expertise to my patients - all the way in southeast-Asia. Every day, it helps me to report cases  from the mobile device in my hand - in the comfort of my study.

The flexibility and productivity boost have been a huge benefit. Without the operational hassles of coordinating across countries and time zones, I can now focus on what truly matters -  using my skills for timely diagnosis, irrespective of where I am.

Beyond the obvious : Morphle solves the most sticky and pressing challenges in digital pathology

I was impressed by how Morphle has managed to solve even not-so-obvious issues of digital pathology - viewer lags, fragmented LIS integration, and bloated data storage. It even manages to tackle minor yet critical issues such as scanning fresh slides with wet coverslips for urgent reporting.

It’s a complete and carefully designed solution - even for advanced use cases. Comprehensive report generation with labelled images, and efficient data management have helped us consolidate the multi-pathologist workflow in our clinical practice to make it truly digital.

An added bonus has been the saving on the network storage cost -  nearly 4X, thanks to Morphle’s compact WSI data format.

A solid product backed by stellar support

Our Morphle microscopic scanner happens to be Cambodia’s first automated virtual slide scanner. This is a huge step in our efforts to offer global quality pathology to patients in Cambodia. The best part — we could do this in the middle of a global lockdown — thanks to Morphle’s stellar support. 

Hassle-free shipping, a DIY setup in under an hour, and 24X7 support - the level of personalised customer support was something we’d never seen before. From technical support to handle issues like variable slide thicknesses, to adhoc password setting requests, to helping us get comfortable with the new platform - the active and consistent support ensured that we could build our tele-pathology operations from scratch. 

Now, the Morphle telepathology setup powers 100% of our histology & cytology diagnosis and reporting.

A digital pathology swiss knife

Morphle’s microscope scanner has proven to be the most versatile addition to our lab.

From facilitating Work-From-Home for our teams to getting timely second opinions for our diagnoses to continuing our work on the next big cancer AI without a laboratory environment - it’s been an indispensable part of our business. We couldn’t have found it at a better time. It has empowered our consultants to report right from their homes avoiding the risk of travel.

Since acquiring the microscope scanner, Tapadia lab has helped hundreds of pathologists, path labs, cancer hospitals and  research groups digitize samples for a variety of use-cases. We even partnered with groups of software developers to help build Artificial Intelligence-based workflows for a few critical use-cases.

Morphle helped us build Virtual Pathology Teaching Courses for the New Normal
Dr. Rajendiran
Sri Ramachandra Medical College
Chennai, India

During the Covid lockdowns, we hosted our annual pathology conference, SPARCC - 100% virtually - using Morphle whole slide imaging pathology. Though we were initially nervous about doing this completely online, the program turned out to be a huge success - double the attendance and significant international participation, as a bonus. 

800 participants were able to review digitized specimen slides simultaneously - with no lag in the image viewers on their computer screens from across the world. Morphle’s high resolution image zooming and digital imagery made sure the experience was immersive and completely hands-on for all participants - even without physical microscopes and slides.

This is solid proof of how digital pathology is going to remove barriers to pathology education and pave the way for knowledge sharing, interpretation, and collaboration.

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