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Live Microscopy - Scanning Mode
Preferred over whole slide scanning when one needs the ability to start the diagnosis immediately after slide preparation
Frozen section
Cytology sample adequacy
FNA Sample Adequacy
Focusing Modes
Continuous Flat Focus
Continuous Focus for Tissue section slides (recommended for Frozen Section remote reporting)
Continuous Z-stack
Continuous Z-stack for Cytology smear slides (recommended for any slide with overlapping cells)
A Dual Objective System with Robotic Turret
4X for Preview
4X objective does an initial whole slide scan and serves as a navigation map
40X for Live View
40X objective is used to fetch real-time images as the remote user navigates across 4X preview scan
Choose Your Scanner
Minimal on form factor & price. First digital pathology slide scanner you should own. Report at home with confidence.
The popular choice among our users. Ideal 6 slide scanner in exhaustive tele-pathology for ROSE, Research and Education.
High throughput 120 slide imaging system with Integrated data management & Lab Information System for a modern lab