*Best viewed on laptop. Use mouse with shift key pressed to scroll between z-stacks.
Volume Scanning - The holy grail of Slide Scanning
Captures all layers for overlapping cells without missing a detail
FNA Smears
Pap Smears
LBC slides

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Our Special Volume Scanning mode ensures that every detail in the slide is captured across different focal planes. The most common problems wherein details get missed as they are not on the same focal plane gets eliminated here. The viewing is very much similar to regular Whole Slide Imaging except that you can scroll between focal planes, very similar to the fine focusing knob on the microscope giving you an immersive experience across the entire whole slide image.

Cytology smears particularly tend to have overlapping cells. Hence, a Z-stack scan can help capture this data exhaustively which can then be used for diagnosis and research.

With a scan speed of under 9 minutes for a 15x15 mm area, having 10 layers each 2 microns apart, this mode is a perfect choice for archival. The number of layers and distance between consecutive layers can be tuned as well.

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